Every Artist Is Unique…

as is each artist’s situation. The Wrecking Co. offers a wide range of creative, management, and business-related services intended to assist the artists that we work with in all aspects of the artist’s development and career.  These services include:

+ Strategy development and consultation
+ Marketing consultation
+ Brand development and awareness
+ Creative collateral
+ Social media strategy development and account management
+ Submission of music for synchronization opportunities
+ Band management
+ Referrals to lawyers, talent agents, and others

Website Design

Full Site Development, Re-Designs, Updates, Landing Pages, Content Creation For Websites



Recording, Editing, Music Videos, Teasers, Marketing and Promotional Material

Design Services

Logos, Branding, Album Cover Art, Digital and Print Posters, Social Media Content, Merchandise


Band Photos, Headshots, Live Music Performances, Conceptual Projects

A Call to all artists…

Every year, over the course of the year, The Wrecking Co. selects a handful of artists and musicians to work with as part of our artist development program. We choose these individuals or bands based on certain criteria, the most important of which is the strength of the music, the artistic vision, and the artist or band’s personality and dedication.  But, more than that, we look for artists and musicians who we believe can contribute greatly to the music and art world and deserve the chance to do that. We do not promise success. What we promise is to provide every artist and musician that we work with the tools, direction, and resources that needed to achieve success. Because we invest ourselves personally in each artist or band, we limit the number of artists and bands that we work with at any given time to ensure that each receives the fullest of our attention and efforts.  If you are interested in working with us, contact us through the below form or find us at one of our bands’ shows.

If you are interested in one or more of our services but are not a part of our artist development program, please get in touch with us using the below form. Or feel free to email us at create@thewreckingco.com. Please include your name, contact information, links to any existing social media or websites, a brief description of your band or project, and the services you require.

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